SCCASB - St. Clair County Association of School Boards

The SCCASB will award three (3) $1,000 scholarships to three seniors attending one of our local district high schools. The scholarship award is a competitive process. Each application received will be evaluated by a committee of school board members from across the county. Applicants will be evaluated together as a group. Points may be awarded for grade point average, leadership, financial need, evidence of self-help, community service, etc.
All senior students are eligible to apply. The SCCASB has eliminated the criteria that the student must choose teaching or some other education-related profession to be considered a candidate. Students who are planning to attend a community college or trade school for any profession are eligible. Students who are planning to attend a 4-year university or college are also eligible, regardless of their career track.
The attached application is now a writeable PDF. Please make this scholarship information available to eligible students. The application along supporting documents need to be submitted by March 4, 2022, by mail, fax or email. The documents should be addressed to Kris Murphy, PO Box 1500, Marysville, MI 48040, fax 810.455.4535,
If you would like more information about this scholarship opportunity, please call Kris Murphy at 810.455.4035 or email